Feedback on Crypton Outstaffer

Feedback on Crypton Outstaffer
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Crypton Outstaff customer wrote a review for our smart-contract developer. And we share it with you! «The active development phase of the main part of the project is currently underway. We connect Dmitry to many meetings with our developers, because the smart contract interacts with the backend, front and the game. But due to the identification of pitfalls and the need to perform additional work that was not taken into account initially (writing scripts, expanding smart contract capabilities, eliminating vulnerabilities, additional integration of third-party bots) we see that we will need Dmitry for at least another 1.5 months. Dmitry copes very well with his work, takes the initiative in solving new non-trivial tasks. He always gets in touch and we see his desire to make a quality product.» Contact us and let’s start working together on your projects!


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