Frontend developer on a blockchain project

Frontend developer on a blockchain project
Crypton Team § Reading time: ~2 minutes
A frontend developer is a specialist who is responsible for creating the user interface of a website or software. The front end of a site is everything that the user sees in the browser and interacts with when entering data and receiving feedback. Nowadays in modern application development, there is a tendency to move as much application logic as possible to the browser. Servers are for providing nice APIs, connecting with databases, and storing data. Servers don’t need to push whole templates filled with data anymore. Rendering can happen inside a browser. What is the difference between standard frontend development and blockchain-based frontend development? The layout is no different. Only the use of smart contracts is added. With the help of the web3 library, frontenders bind smart contracts from blockchain developers, and then they are connected to the interface. Accordingly, a frontend developer on a blockchain project does not need to know solidity or rust. It is enough for them to use conventional languages and connect the web3 library to work with smart contracts. Also, it will be useful to know the architecture of decentralized applications DApps. This will give you an understanding that will further simplify your work. Therefore, blockchain application development does not change the way we develop apps. Frontend developers can still use all the tools they already use just with a few tweaks. Contact us and let’s start working together on your projects!


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