How to find a job for a solidity developer?

How to find a job for a solidity developer?
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There are many ways to get a Solidity job and it might be easier than you think! Every year, billions of dollars are spent on blockchain technology. To create smart contracts, you may use a compiler to your PC. Constant updates to the Solidity language, such as additional highlights and bug fixes, are available on a regular basis. With more practice, you will be able to learn more stuff. As a result, qualified Solidity developers are in high demand. Different ways to search for Solidity developer jobs You have mastered the basics of Solidity, created your first few useful projects and now want to get your hands on some real-world projects. Remote vs. Office Depending on your location you may be forced to work remotely, because there are no local jobs available. The great news is that almost all Solidity developer jobs have a remote option, especially now after Covid-19, but be aware of the pros and cons of a remote job. Working from home takes some initial discipline, but eventually you will find that it's more time efficient. You will be able to look for jobs all around the world, while living anywhere in the world. Begin as Freelancer This will be quite tough initially. Because to showcase your skills and talents you will need to convince your clients of why to hire you. A portfolio is the best way to show your experience, skills, and knowledge as a solidity developer. Sign up for numerous freelancer websites such as , upwork etc. Crypton Outstaffing Outstaffing for a developer is an opportunity to work on interesting projects of top international companies that are not publicly available on the job market. This experience will help you grow your career: in the field of IT, international experience is highly valued; level of income rises; implementation of interesting and diverse projects helps to be implemented in IT and avoid burnout in routine matters. The easiest way to participate in the outstaff program is to download the Crypton Outstaff app. In the app, you can fill out a detailed questionnaire about yourself, your skills, and your experience. Detailed information will help customers choose you for the most interesting projects. Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play Market. Format of work We officially employ Crypton Outstaffing You can work remotely, as well as in one of our offices in Latvia or Thailand We guarantee full employment and uninterrupted work provision Customers turn to us for help in the implementation of blockchain projects We're organizing a team of it-professionals You complete the tasks of the customer with the constant support of our technical leaders and mentors Accompaniment We provide your employment and work processes: Legal support in a foreign company Relocation package — all taxes and documents are on us. We pay for air tickets, provide housing with excellent neighbors - our developers, and provide additional bonuses for relocation. Support from Crypton Studio tech leads and mentors Our developers have already completed more than 100 different projects. Are you ready to join them? The Classical Method You can look on job listing websites of course. This standard way is also available for Solidity jobs. Jobs are often posted on: LinkedIn; Glassdoor; etc. Hackathons Paticipation in hackathons are a great way, because they basically combine two previous approaches in one: personal referral + your own project. It's a great networking opportunity, where you will learn along the way and you might end up building something with your team that you want to continue after the hackathon. You may even get additional funding/bounties from sponsoring companies to kickstart further developments. We are waiting for you! Contact us


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