International Day of Friendship

International Day of Friendship
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We celebrate this day, and now we will tell you about friendship in Crypton Studio. International Day of Friendship was designated by the United Nations General Assembly on July 30. In all cultures, friendships are important relationships throughout a person’s life span. We celebrate this day, and now we will tell you about friendship in Crypton Studio. Naira, head of the HR department, believes that friendship is a relationship between people with shared values. True friends are tested by time, circumstances, situations, and life. In Crypton Studio, all employees are food lovers. So Nikolay and Sergey became friends. The designer just started working and ordered a pizza for lunch, and suggested a front-end developer, with whom they had not yet communicated. At first, Sergey politely refused, and after 15 minutes, when the feeling of hunger attacked, the pizza killed this hunger. Now the bros believe that the best foundation for friendship is food! Front-end developer and Tech Lead at Crypton Studio, Alexander says that front-end developers are united by the love of having a good time in a pleasant company: going to a barbecue and going to the bathhouse. In addition, many front-end developers are from the same university or a previous job, they like to reminisce about past experiences. Support also plays a huge role in friendship. Angelina, thanks to whom the HR department appeared at Crypton Studio, participated in the vocal competition. At every stage, she was supported by her friends, and in the final, she had the largest support group from the HR department, the designer, and the English teacher. Angelina was very pleased. Also, the history of support did not bypass the designers. Lera designed options for postcards for employees, but the frog design, which she liked the most, was not accepted. In the same period, Lera was worried about defending her thesis. And Kolya congratulated her on a successful defense with a postcard with happy frogs and a cake. Lera really liked the gift. We even have guys who live in four. Sasha and Anton have been friends since childhood, then they met Roma and Yulia at the university and decided to live together. Eugene joined them. Now Eugene Solidity developer and Tech Lead Crypton Studio. The development of smart contracts began with Evgeny, he also brought his friends here: Roma, Yulia, Anton, and Sasha. And then he brought about 15 people: mobile developers, project managers, front-end developers, backend developers, etc. So, shared housing led to shared work. We appreciate the friendship in our team. Contact us and let’s start working together on your projects!


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