Crypton Studio developed an NFT marketplace for trading

Crypton Studio developed an NFT marketplace for trading
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It's a common situation when clients outsource to us their large web3 projects. For outstaffing they usually take individual developers. But for many web2 studios it can be the right decision to take the whole team for outstaff. One of such examples is our case of cooperation with red_mad_robot company. red_mad_robot is a digital partner of a big business that embraces a full-cycle of digital products development: from marketing research and consulting to development and market launch.  They were faced with the challenge of developing an NFT marketplace for trading, a task that requires highly experienced developers. The company doesn't have any experience in blockchain development and there are no Solidity developers in their team, as they never work with web3 projects.  However, red_mad_robot found the perfect solution and didn't lose the customer! They just used our outstaffing services.  With their specific requirements, we were able to find the right developers who quickly got to work. Our people easily integrated into the customer's team, but all issues with the blockchain part of the project were solved within our company.  Our tasks red_mad_robot's client wanted to develop a user-friendly marketplace with a range of tools for professional traders that could compete with the market leaders.  This project combined several of our developers' skills: experience in developing NFT marketplaces and trading platforms.  Check out our portfolio to learn more about other related projects.  Specific tasks of Crypton Studio in this project were development of on-chain architecture and smart contracts. Our team worked on the project for one and a half years. The maximum number of developers from our side was 5 people. During this time outstaff team has developed NFT marketplace with next features:  - Data aggregation from other NFT marketplaces  - Low cost of transactions    - User-friendly and easy to use system  - Set of tools for trading  The platform's target audience is professional traders and this defines its function. Feedback red_mad_robot company is positive about the experience of working with Crypton Studio. They chose us because our studio had key expertise in developing blockchain solutions and smart contracts. Also, our employees were successfully interviewed. Another thing that attracted the customer was the large size of our company, which suggests that the processes are set up and aligned.  "The most important thing is that our client is satisfied with the work, he got a result that he is happy with," says a representative of robots. If you're looking for a team of experienced developers for a web3 project of any complexity, contact us and we'll have the best developers ready to go within 24 hours. Whether you're a blockchain development studio or a web2 project, we know how to help you. See what our customers are saying about their experience with Crypton Studio on the outstaff model Contact us to find out more about our outstaff services for your business. 


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