How web2 studios can start blockchain development: effective ways

How web2 studios can start blockchain development: effective ways
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There are several ways for web2 app development companies to grow their business. They can take on more work in their current direction, or they can try new areas, such as AI technology, AR/VR or blockchain. Blockchain is the preferred field. Now its applications are wide-ranging in a variety of industries from neobanks to healthcare.  To take on a blockchain project is a good way for a web2 company to stand out from the competition. However, the lack of blockchain expertise and building a team are main challenges. We’ll tell you how to solve them.  First way: assemble your own team  The easiest way is to build your own team by recruiting new staff. This approach has some benefits and limitations.  You need much time to find, select, onboard, and possibly train suitable candidates. It also requires a technical leader with relevant experience. But the main advantage is that you can develop blockchain expertise internally and enter the space more thoroughly.  However, hiring permanent blockchain developers comes with the risk of idle time if there aren't enough tasks and projects to keep them engaged. Additionally, it can be costly to retrain them if the web2 company takes on a one-off web3 project. Then it does not make much sense to create a new full-fledged team; it is enough to reinforce their developers from outside, i.e. to use outstaff services. Second way: hire an outstaff team The second option is to hire an outstaff team. Outstaffing is ideal for temporary specialist requirements. A web2 company can contact an outstaffing agency with their project description and requirements, and the agency will match them with the right specialists. This approach has several advantages , including:  — saving time on candidate searches;  — avoiding permanent hires for uncertain workloads;   — not having to worry about taxes and social security;  — paying only for the developer's skills and time;  — saving resources on recruiting and HR support;  — increasing productivity by augmenting the team with outstaffers when needed. But there are nuances too. Company remains responsible for decision-making, deadlines, project launch, and updates, while outstaff developers simply perform assigned tasks.  Outstaffing is suitable for small and medium-sized projects with shorter timelines and less complex technical requirements. For larger and more complex projects, outsourcing may be a better option, although it comes at a higher cost. You pay for the team formed by the implementer, which may include not only developers but also other specialists: analysts, testers, designers, etc.  But under certain circumstances, it is possible to hand over a large and long project to an outstaff. We have had such a case, we will look at it below.  Thus, if a web2 studio is taking on a small blockchain project, hiring an outstaff employee would be the most profitable and least risky way to go. But you have to consider that by hiring external performers, you are not bringing in-house expertise.  How outstaff recruitment works Let's take Crypton Studio as an example of how exactly developers are selected. We have been providing outsourcing and outstaffing services for seven years, and our peculiarity is that we do our own custom and product development. We start by studying your requirements and then within 24 hours we assemble a team of developers best suited to your needs. We have a large base of developers (over 150+ around the world) with different grades and skills: Solidity, Rust, backend, frontend, full-stack and other developers upon request. We select a list of the most relevant CVs for you to choose from, based on your requirements. Candidates have been technically interviewed and graded by us beforehand. The candidates you select may also be interviewed by you and undergo other additional tests. Once you have made your final selection we will sign a contract with you. Under the terms of the contract, we undertake to provide a replacement developer if a developer leaves the project under any circumstances. We will replace them with a developer of a similar skill and level, so you don't have to worry about the project not being completed on time. The developers are listed as Crypton Studio employees, so we pay their salaries, taxes and other fees. Our developers have everything they need to work on our site and remain our employees. Each developer and team has a technical lead who provides support to the developers. What a quality outstaff should be like When choosing an outstaffing firm, it's crucial to consider the skills and expertise of the developers, their soft skills, project management support, seamless cooperation between in-house and outstaff teams, and previous project experience. First and foremost, the skills of the developers are important . For example, our outstaff developers are graded every six months. We also encourage them to constantly upgrade their expertise, because the industry and development demands change rapidly. This requires keeping a close eye on trends in the market and in technology.  Soft skills are just as crucial for outstaff work: communication, self-organization, responsibility and leadership qualities. When selecting developers, we always check these qualities, not just their hard skills.  Also, we attach a project manager to outstaff developers, who monitors their physical and mental condition and promptly resolves any issues that may arise. So our clients don't need to keep track of exactly what and how developers are doing - we do that ourselves.  It is also important that the agency is able to ensure seamless cooperation and workflow between your staff and the outsourced team . At Crypton Studio, for this purpose, we assign a dedicated senior developer to serve as a CTO or technical support person, and our project managers for smooth coordination. Equally important is what projects the developers have worked with before. The more experience they have, the better they will be able to cope with any challenge.  In the course of our work, we have managed to cooperate with a wide variety of projects, ranging from DeFi, centralized and decentralized exchanges, NFT marketplaces and custom blockchains, to Metaverse and GameFi projects. That's why our outstaff developers are well versed in virtually every application area of blockchain solutions. Check out our portfolio to learn more about our cases and solutions.  Our outstaff case with web2 company Our clients often recognize the exceptional quality of our work and request to onboard our developers permanently.  Successful experiences often inspire web2 studios to explore blockchain development as a potential new line of business. The case of red_mad_robot serves as an exemplary success story of our partnership. This web2 company was faced with the challenge of developing an NFT marketplace for trading, a task that requires highly experienced developers. red_mad_robot doesn't have any experience in blockchain development and there are no Solidity developers in their team, as they never work with web3 projects.  However, they hire our outstaff developers who successfully handle the task. We helped red_mad_robot to open up a new industry. A project we were involved in has become one of their key projects and generates a lot of revenue. What’s next? For web2 studios that want to try blockchain development, there are several options on how to do this, even without the necessary expertise. It is possible to build a new team in-house from scratch. Or you can hire outstaff developers, saving time on recruiting, onboarding and training. We have been successfully running an outstaff service for several years, and we know all about it! Visit our portfolio to see our tangible results .  If you want to find out more about how Crypton Studio's outstaffing services can benefit your business, get in touch and we'll find a solution that's perfect for you! 


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