Outstaffing: a path to seamless blockchain development

Outstaffing: a path to seamless blockchain development
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A solution to make hiring easier for IT companies is here. The task of sourcing, recruiting and retaining developers has always been a concern within the IT industry.  While this issue remains relevant in web2 development, it is significantly heightened in the web3 context. Finding an experienced blockchain developer can be a challenge.  But many companies are using a convenient and beneficial solution. Temporary hiring or outstaffing of employees from other teams that are professionals in custom development, such as Crypton Studio.  We have offered full-cycle custom blockchain development since 2016. Over the years we have built up a huge pool of the most talented developers. That's why we're ready to help you, and to share our best employees. Outstaff model of work opens up following opportunities: - No time spent on searching and recruiting; - Risks of hiring unsuitable developers are eliminated; - Choose only the right skills for the job; - Create a mix of teams to cover all tasks. But to take advantage of all these benefits, you need to seek out an experienced team when hiring, one that has been developing for more than a few years .  7 steps to your ideal developer High efficiency and ease of integration of developers into customer teams is due to our well-established working structure.  1. Getting to Know the Client: We introduce ourselves, present our portfolio, and gather requirements from the client regarding the desired developer's skill set and expertise as well as project’s core.  2. Background and Selection: Based on the client's requirements, we carefully select a developer from our talent pool who best matches the project needs. We have a large base of developers (over 150+ around the world) with different grades and skills: Solidity, Rust, backend, frontend, full-stack and other developers upon request. We thoroughly review the developer's CV to ensure their qualifications align with the client's expectations. 3. CV Presentation: We present the chosen candidate's CV to the client for their review. This allows the client to assess the developer's skills, experience, and suitability for the project. 4. Acquaintance and Technical Interview: If the client finds the presented candidate suitable, we proceed with an acquaintance phase. The developer participates in a technical interview to further evaluate their proficiency and ensure they meet the project's technical requirements. 5. Transaction Completion: Once the client approves the selected developer after the technical interview, we finalize the transaction by discussing the costs and contractual conditions. Under the terms of the contract, we undertake to provide a replacement developer if a developer leaves the project under any circumstances. We will replace him with a developer of a similar skill and level. 6. Project Kick-off: Once the terms are finalized, the developer (or project team) can start working on the client's projects. The developer will work as an extension of the client's team. 7. Ongoing Support and Coordination: Throughout the process, our dedicated Project Manager oversees the coordination of the outstaffing engagement. This involves regular check-ins, addressing any issues or concerns, ensuring the quality of work, etc. The goal is to ensure a seamless integration of the outstaffed team members with the client's existing team and processes. Collaborate with us through our outstaffing services We have been successfully running an outstaff service for several years. Visit our portfolio to see our tangible results.  If you would like us to recruit outstaff developers for your blockchain project, contact us . We will find the right specialists within 24 hours. 


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