The GoodFirms team interviewed co-founder at Crypton Studio

The GoodFirms team interviewed co-founder at Crypton Studio
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Crypton Studio is the top choice for growth-oriented software development powered by blockchain technology. They are renowned for delivering exceptional turnkey development of blockchain-based products with unmatched reliability and functionality. With extensive experience and technical expertise, they have completed 150+ projects for their clients across 25 countries, establishing themselves as leaders in the industry. The company is headquartered in Riga, Latvia, and has offices in Kazakhstan and Thailand. Crypton Studio's contribution to the blockchain industry helped them become one of the top blockchain development companies in Latvia , as recognized by GoodFirms. The GoodFirms team interviewed Mr. Nikita Skorobogach, co-founder of Crypton Studio LLC, to learn more about the company and its values. Let's dive straight into the interview. This Is An Inspiring Story Of Crypton Studio And The Co-Founder's Responsibilities Mr. Skorobogach said the company's founders had prior experience in the financial, banking, and custom development sectors before 2016. They observed a rising trend of blockchain technology in the industry and decided to establish a firm focusing solely on blockchain development.  He began his professional journey at Crypton in 2019 when the Web3 market faced various significant changes, and the company had to reform its business model with fresh strategies for global business development. The founders of Crypton Studio invited him to become a co-founder after he helped launch the Crypton factory successfully. He was asked to contribute to the company's development on a global scale. As a co-founder, his primary responsibilities were focused on business development, such as negotiating with long-term clients and partners, representing the company at international events, managing the marketing and sales teams, and providing strategic direction for the company's growth. The Business Model Is Designed To Operate In A Highly Competitive Market Mr. Skorobogach stated that the company focuses on outsourcing blockchain development services. The team comprises over 150 employees, including backend and frontend developers, smart contract developers, mobile developers, QA engineers, designers, analysts, and project managers. The company provides staff augmentation services and offers a mobile app for clients to find developers that meet their needs. The app enables direct hiring and payment in both crypto and fiat currencies.  According to Mr. Skorobogach, the company's proficiency in blockchain technology distinguishes it from its rivals in terms of competition. The company's unparalleled client relationships and partnerships in the industry provide an advantage in a global shared network, allowing it to keep track of industry trends and market dynamics. Crypton Studio's Expertise In Blockchain Technology Enables Them To Offer Various Services To Multiple Industries Mr. Skorobogach has explained that many industries are now using blockchain technology. This has allowed the company to offer its blockchain development services to various sectors such as medicine, healthcare, insurance, supply chain, energy, legal, real estate, retail, gaming, fashion, and more.  The company provides end-to-end development services, from ideation to launch. They offer research and development (R&D), fundraising support, and create minimum viable products (MVPs) for various platforms. He mentioned their experience handling various projects, including neo-banking, payment gateways, crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, crowdfunding, and tokenization platforms. Crypton Studio's remarkable flexibility and expedited delivery, as evidenced by glowing client reviews, are proudly showcased on the GoodFirms platform. Crypton's Budget-Friendly Approach Has Made It The Most Sought-After Firm For Budgeting   Mr. Skorobogach said the company provides clients with the most suitable payment model for their business needs. Through thorough discussion, they select the best option, such as time & material, which allows for precise cost calculations based on the time and effort required for each task. This approach ensures that clients are fully informed and can plan accordingly. When questioned about budget requirements, he stated that there are no fixed budgetary requirements as each project has unique needs. The company has a dedicated team that assists clients by providing a single specialist for smaller projects to manage and handle various complex tasks, thereby overcoming multiple challenges associated with the project. In 2022, their projects ranged from a minimum of $5,000 to a maximum of $2 million. These costs were both cost-effective and expensive. The company has unmatched capabilities in handling diverse projects, from developing simple ERC-20 tokens to managing large-scale projects. Visionary Leadership Is Not Just Important; It's Essential Mr. Skorobogach shared that the company plans to expand its business network by opening offices in South and North America and the MENA regions. They aim to become an all-encompassing blockchain development organization, providing services such as tokenomics, marketing, fundraising, and more. Within ten years, Crypton Studio will be the one-stop shop for the blockchain industry. The detailed interview is available on GoodFirms. 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