Top 5 blockchain projects in medicine to know

Top 5 blockchain projects in medicine to know
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Check out our list of top 5 blockchain projects in medicine and pharma. Blockchain technology is already changing the way medical data is managed, drug supply chains are tracked, and healthcare services are delivered, leading to better patient outcomes and a more efficient healthcare system.  We've found many interesting projects in the field of blockchain and medicine, and here we select the most groundbreaking ones. Solve. Care is a blockchain-based platform that aims to improve healthcare coordination and reduce administrative inefficiencies. The platform supports a secure, decentralized network for sharing patient data and coordinating care between healthcare providers, insurers, and patients. Users able to create wallet to manage their data and pay with the platform's digital currency. Solve. Care provides safe storage for data management. Medicalchain Medicalchain is a platform that allows patients to access their medical records from anywhere in the world. Patients can use the platform to securely share their medical records with healthcare providers and receive remote consultation. Exploring blockchain application in pharma Burst IQ BurstIQ’s platform helps healthcare companies securely manage massive amounts of patient data. Platform uses LifeGraph technology that meets blockchain, Web3, HIPAA and GDPR. Burst IQ enables the safekeeping, sale, sharing or licensing of data. Chronicled Chronicled builds blockchain networks for medicals supply chain tracking.  The P2P networks help pharma companies make sure their medicines arrive efficiently, and they enable law enforcement to review any suspicious activity (for example, drug trafficking).  Chronicled also created the Mediledger Project, a ledger system dedicated to the safety, privacy and efficiency of medical supply chains. FarmaTrust FarmaTrust’s blockchain solutions have applications to track medicine, determining the authenticity of medical devices, and maintaining data security for patients scheduling vaccinations and diagnostic testing.  The company’s services help to keep fake drugs out of the supply chain. It also has an app that lets consumers check whether medicines are genuine. Medical organizations are seeking feasible solutions for data management and storage. That’s why it is time to develop highly demanded blockchain products. Contact us to discuss your ideas Check our portfolio


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