Top 5 blockchain travel booking platforms

Top 5 blockchain travel booking platforms
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Discover our top 5 most interesting blockchain platforms for booking tickets, accommodations, or entire trips.  All of these companies are taking a new approach to travel: Eliminate the large role of middlemen Connect hosts and travelers directly Create new experiences for tourists Allow customers to earn tokens for activities  Mint NFTs for travelers to give tham additional privileges How blockchain solutions are improving the hospitality industry: benefits and use cases LockTrip LockTrip is a travel marketplace that allows customers to book hotels and other travel services using cryptocurrencies.  The platform aims to reduce costs for customers by eliminating the need for intermediaries and providing transparent pricing. It is a direct marketplace which allows hotels and other hospitality companies to rent out their property. The platform has its own NFT system in which non-fungible tokens operate like travel vouchers. It can be used to validate an individual’s right to use hotel inventory. is a travel booking platform that allows customers to book hotels, flights, and other travel services using cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a wide range of travel options and discounts, and also provides a loyalty program that rewards customers with cryptocurrency.  The platform describes itself as “the leading cryptocurrency friendly accommodation booking platform”. It supports payments in all popular cryptocurrencies. Platform provides a lot of benefits for its NFTs’ holders.   Winding Tree Winding Tree is a travel distribution platform that connects travel suppliers directly with travel buyers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The travel marketplace aims to reduce costs and increase transparency for both suppliers and buyers.  Platform’s tools give all stakeholders the right to access their data and the ability to choose what they want to do with it. It has a subsidiary site, Simard, that provides services for corporate travelers. TravelX TravelX, the South American-based startup, is bringing blockchain technology to air travel by creating a seamless distribution model with NFT tickets. Through tokenizing airline tickets on the secondary marketplace, travelers can not only recoup ticket costs but potentially make profits when plans change. In contrast, airlines receive smart contract royalties for each sale of NFT tickets. BitBook BitBook is a travel platform that allows users to generate passive income by performing different activities or interaction with site, such as booking travel, creating content and staking their BBT to earn more BBT, cryptocurrency that is powering BitBook reward programme. Users can book hotels, flights, and cars. What's next? These examples demonstrate the wide range of applications for blockchain technology in the hospitality industry, from short-term rentals and travel bookings to communications and data sharing.  We can expect to see more innovative projects and applications in the future, as blockchain technology has the potential to transform many aspects of the hospitality industry. It is time to develop highly demanded blockchain products. So contact us to discuss your project's idea and we'll produce something new together! Check out our portfolio


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