We will teach together with Lytryum Academy

We will teach together with Lytryum Academy
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We are joining forces with Lytryum Academy to train students in programming smart contracts with Solidity.  Lytryum Academy invited us to participate in their online bootcamp, as we have great expertise in both blockchain development and training courses on it. We helped to create the educational program and methodology. Our mentor will also give lectures and workshops. The bootcamp is suitable for anyone who already has experience in custom development, but wants to try blockchain development.  Students will get a lot of hands-on work with a mentor. There are no language barriers: the artificial intelligence will provide live translations in 25 languages. During the bootcamp, participants will receive special badges for completed tasks. At the end of the training, they will receive NFT certificates. Graduates can work as smart contract developers, either as testers or auditors, as well as blockchain developers and architects, and more.  Check out the information about the upcoming bootcamp   Classes are starting in mid-April. Hurry up: the bootcamp has a maximum enrollment limit of 100 students.  Join the community of blockchain and Web3 enthusiasts to get the profession of the future! 


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